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Project Type: Mobile

PHD Mobile

In 2018, patients who were experiencing minor heart palpitations were issued with a PHD, or, Personal Holter Device. While they would wear this device to track their heart throughout a normal 24 hour cycle.

When the patient experiences a heart palpitation, they push a button on the PHD to flag that time as when an event occured. Patients would then write on a piece of paper that the palpitation had occurred and what they were doing at the time.

Paper can be frequently lost, damaged, or misplaced. PHD Mobile was developed to facilitate the easy digital entry of this information onto a mobile phone, and also to provide an easy-to-read printed document for the doctor around what events had occured.

Application instructions were provided on application startup, so users could easily see how to use the application and how it works.

After logging an event, users could see their daily count of how many events they had logged that day, as well as an all-time total.

By allowing events to be added based on their relation to the current time, users could approximate when events occured instead of having to remember an overly specific time that something happened.

Users were also able to produce PDF’s for printing, or for emailing to their doctors.


UI – Xamarin Forms and Prism

Data – Realm Database

Targeted Platforms – iOS, Android

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