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Hey there! I'm a software developer from Australia. I'm into creating content for online businesses, mobile apps, and coming up with solutions to hard problems.

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For the past decade, I've worked as a software developer for customers all around the world. I'm probably not the smartest developer you'll ever meet, but I appreciate the importance of being able to talk to your customers and understand their needs. I've also been told I have an eye for design.

  • Freelance: Available


What I Do
Software Development

This is the core of what I do. It's pretty broad, but then again, my interests are pretty broad too. I'm interested in everything from website development to integrated circuits.

Content Creation

More than just being able to create apps and solutions, I'm also able to educate others on software methodologies and best practice.

Legacy Software Development and Upcycling

Sometimes, you'll have a very old app that develops a problem, or needs a very slight feature improvement, but everyone just wants to rewrite it. I might be able to help with extending your software just that little bit more without rewriting the whole thing.


Working with

Coding Skills

Developing on
  • 90%

    All aspects of Flutter, including Flutter Web and Flutter Desktop. Use of best practice tooling like flutter_bloc.

  • 90%
    Microsoft SQL Server

    Creating stored procedures, views, as well as modifications to schemas for business requirements.

  • 85%

    Responsive, beautiful websites written in Angular Material.

  • 90%

    I've been using C# for over ten years now, and it's the language of choice for all of my Web API, MVC and Console apps

  • 90%
    ASP.NET / ASP.NET Core

    I am fluent in both MVC and Web API projects, with knowledge around appropriate authorisation and best practice.

  • 80%
    Web Forms

    Maintaining and enhancing an existing app written with Web Forms, or bring in an API and JavaScript to speed things up.

  • 80%
    Visual Basic .NET

    Happy to use VB.NET to maintain an existing project, or to read existing code to figure out business processes.

    I'd prefer to write any new code in C#, however.

  • ?%
    Whatever you need

    I'm pretty fast to learn, and adapt to what the situation requires. Let me know what you need and I'll let you know if I can help out.


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    Lewis Cianci
    Consultant & Mentor
    • Residence: Australia
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    Lewis Cianci